My luggage is heavy My mind is playing tricks on me. I empty my luggage and start to re pack At the same time I revise my mind and start to empty that… Continue reading


Alone Alone with a burden for two Alone with me, Alone without you Alone with all memories Alone with the emptiness Alone in a time of ¬†painful endings Alone in a time of… Continue reading

Bubble Wrap Friends

You wrap your bubble wrap around me, you make me feel better You listen and sometimes you understand my haunted mind One bubble will break but you will keep me whole One bubble… Continue reading

Times are changing

We all pass through times of change The wind is blowing hard and I don’t know how to use the force yet I’m on shaky legs, there is something out there I’m alone… Continue reading

Cervo, Liguria, Italy

Looking closer the the place you are at the moment can make you discover gems which you thought were hidden but you just overlooked.

The importance of small things in the summer of 2013

The summer that passed left me without a suntan, but the few windows of time that were given although not many were used to enjoy life. It’s always about the small things in… Continue reading

Viareggio in Spring

Genova boat show 2013

Imperia at night

Gli Svedesi in Italia