Bureaucracy a love story

Translating a document from Nepali to English, or don’t you just love bureaucracy

The first hole in the wall office tells us to fill in the form, make a copy of the document and our passport and then come back.

You come back and pay and get sent to the next one.

Next hole in the wall,here they check your original document.

Then you have to wait for your name to get called, so of course you have to make your way to the hole in the wall by the help of elbows. All including the closest family to the applicants wait not for their name but as close as possible to the hole in the wall.

Pay get your receipt and head to the last hole in the wall………. You wish

There you find out that your document will be translated in one week…… I need it now….. Panic……. Go to room no 15.

Take off your shoes enter room no 15, after explaining the situation, the Shivait hobbit looks at you with a smile and says you can go down and pay the extra fee for having a document done immediately.

Bounce back down in the mess of the holes in the wall, find the right hole, pay and get a receipt.

Back to room 15, shoes off, a brief glance at the receipt and sent to room no 13.

New acquaintance in room no 13, explaining another time how important it is to have it translated now.

But we are closing in 10min, Need it now…. ARRRGGGHHHH. Quick translation from the oxford english dictionary.

OK, go to Mahendra in room no 19 computer 7. Off we go.

But we are closing in 5 min, Need it now….. OK wait 2 min…….. Document printed.  Go back to room no 13.

Correction and signature, sent to room no 15. Back to 13. back to room 19 and Mahendra. Last printout.

Back to no 13 signature and stamp.

Room no 15 for signature and stamp.

Back to room 13 for last check and now you can go to the downstairs office for the last stamp and signature….

Office closed. Back at 1pm.

Finally obtaining the last stamps and signatures.

This is not a joke, I laugh about it now but not when I was in the middle of it……