Konark, The temple of the sun, Orissa, India

The legend  (and a Surfing Hare Krishna member from Hawaii that we met on the beach in Puri),  says that this temple was built by Samba son of Lord Krishna (reincarnation of Vishnu). Samba suffered from leprosy due to a curse put on him by his father (talk about a nice daddy).

It was Surya the god of the sun who finally  healed him from his condition, as a thank you he built the Konark.

Reconstructed rebuilt, Surya only knows how many times, it was later in the 13th century known as the Black Pagoda.


The complex was designed as a huge chariot drawn by 7 horses (symbolizing the 7 days of the week), on 12 beautifully adorned wheels (symbolizing the months of the year)

Then there is the Magnet mystery, it’s said that the temple was hold together by magnets which weight several tons. There are also here several stories:

One talk about an Idol floating in the air by the magnetic field caused by the magnets. The rays of the sun would reflect the inner diamond of the idol.

koN-ark…meaning angle of the sun (ray)

In this version the British took the idol and the magnets.


Another version:

These magnets apparently disturbed the passing ships orientation and for that reason according to this version the Portugese removed the magnets which finally made the temple to fall apart.

Anyway the stories and the Mysteries of the Konark remain  and nobody seems to know where the idol and the magnets were taken……………………tatatatatatattaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa