Puri, Orissa and Christmas with Kenny

Kenny in southpark is a hindu god and he is called Jagannath.. He has at least 12 avatars and live in the Jagannath temple here in Orissa where they bath, feed and dress him everyday.


Palle piene del Natale? Niente in confronte a lui                                        Santa Claus lives in Puri, at least if you ask F

Hanging on the beach, Indian Style                                         Making fishing nets

Baywatch get lost

If it wasn’t for the sewage and the big concentration of poo on the beach  (not only cow shit ) I would have had a swim.

Or you look up at all the beauty that India has got to offer and you walk in shit, or you look down where you put your feet and you will not see India, but you will have clean shoes……………………………..