Water in Bangkok and Prisoners of Bureaucracy

Phra Athit road, Banglumphu, our hoods

The boat stop at the Pinklao bridge

The chao Praya river is full ……….

The rich and the multi nationals are making walls to protect themselves from the water.

The poor and the suburbs are already under water, this to be able to “save” as much of the “economical center” as possible.

With the black moon coming up and high tides out in the gulf of Thailand, the water in the central areas will arrive.

This is inevitable ,there is only one question, how much and for how long.

Thailand has announced a 5 day hoilday starting from today.

The information is as always patchy, one person says one thing the next another, maybe they have different astrologers.

Since we are prisoners of the Indian Bureaucracy we have to wait and see what will happen. According to the embassy our visa will be ready on the 31st of oct, we’ll see.