Yoga Tales

So many lost souls, everybody here in Rishikesh, searching for a quick soulfix.  The ways to obtain this fix are plenty.

Everywhere along the crowded streets there are posters looking down at you offering many different kinds of yoga,hatha, ashtanga vinyasa, vinyasa flow, plus reiki, meditation, tai chi and massage……………………………..

Finding what you are looking for might not be as easy as you thought.

To find what you are NOT looking for seems to be easier.

This is the soup you are about to get into when you come here.  The only way to find out if a place is valid or not is to attend a class and this can sometimes be interesting.

Our first yoga lesson is with an Indian Yogi teaching Hatha yoga. The yoga hall is musty  and we are five students.

You have the girl with the cough, the girl who asks questions non stop, the focused one and us.

What we all share are those over used,  yoga mats and the infested wall to wall carpet covering the cold stone floor. Your nose too close to the carpet might develop an allergic reaction. You sneeze, the snot dripping on to the carpet drying and leaving a kind of  plastic spot.

We all add something to these yoga halls and they all take something from us.  The taking is often money, even in this world of spirituality the only god seems to be cash.

If you ever buy a pair of trousers in India make sure the sewing is made properly.

And for god’s sake if you don’t , make sure you wear underwear at least if you are planning to use them while practicing yoga.

Evidence Number 1

After F realized both his balls where outside while doing a down ward facing dog (this is a posture found above).

The guy behind him was maybe not so amused,  but at least we got us all a good laugh.

We are now thinking about making a poster with this photo and the text under:

Free hanging yoga balls with Ferdy, a 1 week intensive course. We might earn some money, who knows.

Evidence 2

Same crime scene different day. Omkarananda dipeshwar mandir.

Posture, asana:  Down ward facing dog with support wall and belt. The belt hold the pressure of his body but unfortunately the wall didn’t

Result: a hole in the wall.

Lesson: Never trust an Indian wall or Indian pants, they might look firm but that could all just be an illusion………………………….