The Importance of Chai

I never drink and crave so much chai as in India. When it’s made with love, holycow milk, spices, ginger and sugar enough for an overdose that’s when a chai is at it’s best.

Chai is the life line in my Indian travels, the red line which keeps my day together.

After finding a place to stay or even more efficiently while you are looking for a place to stay also look out for a chai wallah. But choose wisely choose one, choose good , choose your chai wallah.

Chai will wake you up in the morning when you are not even awake,  take you through days of yoga, sightseeing and all the rest. The Chai place is a place for meeting friends, gossiping and relaxing in the hard life of a traveler.

In the cold the chai will warm you up from inside. In the heat it will keep your body at a balanced temperature. The benefits of drinking Chai are many.


Chai  wakes me up

Chai makes my day