Bugis, Bagans and Gurango in Cenderawasih bay West Papua

After one day under the non forgiving sun in the land of the Papuan’s with no sunscreen I asked myself where is the rain and the clouds, it’s supposed to be the rainy season.

Looking for a local boat to the small village of Kwatisore on the Cenderwasih bay seemed to be like looking for the right directions in India always getting 5 diffrent answears. Walking here there back again, taking bemo ( mini bus) to bigger ports and in the end ending up chartering a bugis boat for 2 days.P1230403

The bugis are seafarers from south Sulawesi. They are moving where the fish is and now the most fish is to be had in Papua.

In the bay of Cenderwasih they live and fish on their bagans, fishing platforms for months in a row.  P1230448

During the night they catch small fish, ikan teri in their net, this small fish among plankton is the favourite food of the Gurango , also called Whaleshark. P1230452

So the Gurango comes to eat the small fish, bringing tuna which the fishermen catch and sells. This makes the Gurango  bringer of good luck.  P1230467

We came here to see the Gurango and we did. There is only one word word to describe this meeting of ours under the surface, amazing.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Gurango is the the largest fish out there and although the one we saw was only 4-5 m they can grow up to 14-16 m according to the Bugis and they have seen a lot under their bagans.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe night at the Bagan was another experience worth the effort getting here.P1230525P1230529P1230566