Nabire, Cenderderawasih bay, West Papua

P1230336 Nabire has got an airport close to the sea and the road.

Flying over Papua is like flying over a giant carpet of green vegetation never ending, the only thing disrupting the never ending green are the brown rivers and the bright blue sea.P1230360P1230363P1240079 Election time in Papua, 2 days of election rallies in the village. People came even from the far flung valleys of the interior. The 6 candidates are all indigenous Papuans the power of the winner will be under the will of Jakarta.

In the end only a show case that there are free elections . The winner will corrupt himself and eat and steal as much he can from the enormous wealth that is pumped out from papua everyday.

Papua today is not free and has got no Human rights towards it’s inhabitants.

The Indonesian Occupation of this land is disgraceful.  The sad thing is that there is no way Indonesia will give up on Papua, there is to much resources and money involved.

But as long as there is hope……………………….P1240081P1240083P1240085