The importance of small things in the summer of 2013

The summer that passed left me without a suntan, but the few windows of time that were given although not many were used to enjoy life.

It’s always about the small things in life, we better not forget that.


Climbing that hill to look at the place we see daily but from another angle, Imperia, Italy


See the colors of my home in a wild flower garden and feeling at home right there, Imperia, Italy


Seeing life through a finished glass of Pastis ,where people are still genuinely friendly, Collioure, France


Knowing that the right way to go is where the indications are pointing but take the other way just to see that things work from another point of view too.


Laying eyes on amazing places which by nature sheltered people from the weather gods, past , present and future. Bonifaccio, Corsica


Seeing the world through the living art of surrealism in the house Salvador Dali. Cadaques, Port Lligat, Catalunya, Spain


Wondering which came first the egg or the chicken?


The sun slowly revealing the Cathedral in Palma di Mallorca.


Getting the first glimpse of the ever returning sun and still feel like I witnessed a miracle.  Menorca , Spain


Perfect Reflections in a world with flaws. Loano, Italy


Feeling the great power of the full moon at anchor in Porto Venere, Italy