Ellora Caves, Maharashtra, India

A piece of the Hindu epic Mahabharta cut in rock forever. The Kailash temple is the biggest monolithic structure in the world and it is well impressive. Advertisements

The Ajanta caves in Maharasthra, India

  Ajanta, a hore shoe shaped river bend in the north of Maharashtra.  A place which teems with the buddhist heydays most amazing artistic pieces of art.  And this is special.

Omkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh, India

Omkareshwar is  nothing less than a bright techicolor playstation game of another great Hindu Yatra epic. Busy, odourous, noisy, pilgrims haven, with the honking horns of vehicles trying to get in and out… Continue reading

Maheswar, Madhya Pradesh, India

Easy no hussle Maheswar is India in a slow version.  Time gently slides away while the Narmada river makes her way washing away sins.

Mesmerizing Mandu, Madhya Pradesh, India

Madhya Pradesh the state in the heart of India. After changing buses a couple of times we arrived to the last 35 km of potholed road  which takes us to the high plateau… Continue reading


Lake Picchola

Shit happens

    A lot. Sometimes it is enough to fly over India to get bowel movements. You are never far away from shit in India weather you like it or not. My mother… Continue reading

A bit of Pushkar Camel fair

After OD’ing on Prasad (holy food given to the worshipper) and dili ka chat, street food in delhi, ajmer and on our arrival in Pushkar we have paid the price.  One day close… Continue reading

Delhi, Guru Nanaks Birthday, 24th nov, India

On this day Guru Nanak, the father of the Sikh religion was born, of course it calls for festivity….. As so many times before you never know of a celebration until you are… Continue reading

The Red Fort,Jama Masjid and around,Delhi, India

Before any adventure you need a chai, after finding a room , your first bet must be to choose your local chai wallah for your stay.Jama Masjid